Who invented the plastic grocery bag?

Answer The ubiquitous plastic grocery bag was invented in 1977. J.W. "The "Bagman" McBride of Dixie Bag Co. marketed the new invention to Kroger and Safeway, which caused them to go mainstream.Source:Shop... Read More »

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How much does a plastic grocery bag weigh?

A package of 2,000 plastic grocery bags weighs 30 lbs., which works out to .24 oz. per bag. In contrast, a package of 2,000 paper grocery bags weigh 280 lbs., which equals 2.24 oz. per bag.Source:P... Read More »

Are plastic grocery bags recyclable?

Plastic and paper grocery bags are recyclable, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The agency encourages consumers to also consider reusing plastic grocery bags, which can also h... Read More »

Can you be allergic to plastic grocery bags?

Allergic to the kind of plastic Grocery bags are made from as some people are allergic to latex would seem unlikely , but maybe possible

Does a paper or a plastic grocery bag hold more?

If used to its potential, a paper grocery bag can pack up to four times the amount a plastic grocery bag can handle. Environmentalists debate on the pros and cons of recycling more paper or plastic... Read More »