Who invented the plastic bag?

Answer The one-piece plastic bag used most commonly in the 21st century was developed by Sten Gustaf Thulin and patented by Celloplast in 1965. Often called a "T-shirt carrier bag," it was first formed by... Read More »

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Who invented the plastic cup?

The first patent for the plastic cup was issued in the 1960s to a group simply known as Price et al. However, the first plastic cup can be traced all the way back to 1908, made by Dixie. Lawrence L... Read More »

Who invented plastic cups?

In July 1960, a patent was filed for a thin-walled plastic container, but it was not specifically called a plastic cup. Two years later, in April 1964, a company called Price was granted a U.S. pat... Read More »

When was the Plastic Bag Invented?

Plastic bags, made from polyethylene, have become staples of grocery stores and shopping malls. The first plastic bag came about in 1950 at the hands of two Canadian men---Larry Hansen and Harry Wa... Read More »

Who invented the plastic shopping bag?

The earliest plastic shopping bags can be traced back to the 1950s in the U.S. and Europe. But credit Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin for creating the plastic shopping bag known and used today.... Read More »