Who invented the piano keyboard?

Answer The inventor of the piano was Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731), an Italian maker of musical instruments. The first "pianoforte" (which means "soft-loud" because pianos unlike earlier keyboard inst... Read More »

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How to Make Your Keyboard Like a Piano?

For a fun way to make music on the Internet, try visiting websites that turn your computer keyboard into a piano. Using midi piano sounds and Flash animation, these websites enable you to play a vi... Read More »

Can you learn piano on a keyboard?

You can learn how to play piano on a keyboard. A keyboard is often less expensive than an acoustic piano; it has a variety sound choices, and it takes up less space. These qualities make the keyboa... Read More »

How many keys are in a piano keyboard?

Electric pianos typically have 49 keys, while full-size piano keyboards have 88 keys. The keys play 12 different notes at different pitches or octaves. The lowest and highest keys on both electric ... Read More »

How to Unstick a Keyboard Piano That Won't Come Up?

Moisture is the bane of wooden pianos, and whether from a spilled soda or a damp climate, water can cause the wooden innards of a piano key to swell, making it stick when you try to play it. Fixing... Read More »