Who invented the phone card telephone?

Answer SIDA, a vending machine manufacturer and distributor in Italy, released the first prepaid card in Italy in 1976, due to a coin shortage. Prepaid cards made of cardboard had a magnetic strip and co... Read More »

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Who invented the telephone card?

SIDA, an Italian vending machine manufacturer, invented the telephone card in 1975 to help prevent pay phone vandalism. The first cards were released in 1976 and required the user to insert them in... Read More »

Whats the telephone "code" that makes the phone ring back when a phone number is busy?

here are all the codes for you!!!

In what regards does a landline telephone have an advantage over a cell phone or mobile phone?

Well i don't know if you live in New York but If something like (god forbid) 9/11 or the blackout happened again having a land line would be help full because that's the only phone that will work. ... Read More »

Who actually invented the telephone?