Who invented the pay phone?

Answer The pay phone was invented in 1889 by William Gray. It wasn't exactly like modern phones in that the caller placed coins into the pay phone after the call was placed.Source:Pay Phone History Timeline

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Who invented the web cell phone?

The first cell phone with web access was invented by Nokia in 1999. The model, number 7110, featured a wireless web browser designed for a small screen. This browser worked only in a wireless marku... Read More »

Who invented the Sidekick phone?

Danger Incorporated, located in Palo Alto, Calif., invented the Sidekick phone. On April 15, 2008, Microsoft acquired Danger as a subsidiary. On Oct. 1, 2002, T-Mobile unveiled the Sidekick to the ... Read More »

Who invented the wirless phone?

The first wireless phone was developed by a jazz musician named Teri Pall, but she claimed it was unsuccessful because it had a two-mile radius and interfered with airplanes. George Sweigert, a rad... Read More »

Who invented the crank phone?

The first crank phone, or magneto-induction phone, was invented by Alexander Graham Bell as a more effective alternative to his liquid-variable-resistance-powered model. He tested it successfully f... Read More »