Who invented the parking meter&when?

Answer The parking meter was invented by Carl Magee on May 13, 1935 in Oklahoma City. Parking meters are used to make money for cities and have the ability to hold anywhere from $30 to $60.Source:The Park... Read More »

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You own a motorcycle. The condo you own and live recently disallowed motorcycle parking in the parking lot. What are your parking rights. Do you have a say on this?

According to the New York Appellate Division of State Supreme Court decided the co-op and condo law that courts will not get involved in decisions unless there is bad faith, fraud or breach of duty... Read More »

Does anybody know if you can be issued with a parking ticket for parking in a disabled bay?

What can I do about people parking in my private car parking space that is allocated to my house.?

have a metal sign made that saysPleasedo not parkin front ofmy houseor this is a private parking spotillegally parked cars will be towed at owners expense

How many handicap parking spaces must be provided in a parking lot?

The size of a parking lot determines the number of spaces required. For lots of 26-50 cars, one standard handicap spot and one van accessible spot is required. If a lot is between 501 and 1,000 car... Read More »