Who invented the first pacemaker?

Answer Dr. Wilson Greatbatch invented the first pacemaker. Greatbatch developed the pacemaker during the 1950s. His first fully operational pacemaker was implanted into a human patient in 1960. For this h... Read More »

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Who invented the pacemaker control unit?

The pacemaker was invented in 1950 by a Canadian named John Hopps. He made the discovery that if the heart stopped beating, it could be mechanically or electronically restarted. The first pacemaker... Read More »

How big is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is less than 2 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick according to St. Jude Medical Inc. This device is placed in the chest to control the electrical pulses of the heart, making it beat n... Read More »

Pacemaker and smartphones!?

Your phone will cause no problems. It is recommend that people with pacemakers do not keep their cellphones in the chest pocket on the side the pacemaker is on or hold the phone on that side while ... Read More »

Who created the pacemaker?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wilson Greatbatch created "one of the most significant medical devices of all time: the implantable cardiac pacemaker." Greatbatch created th... Read More »