Onion Ring Batter questions:?

Answer There is no problem to use beer instad of water.They say to leave it for 30 inutes before using it, stored in the fridgeH-man

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Who invented three ring binders?

The three-ring binder was invented in 1886 by Freidrich Soenneken of Bonn, Germany, who also patented the hole-punch that same year. The three holes in a standard binder are 80 mm apart.Source:Abso... Read More »

Who invented the first mood ring?

The mood ring was first invented by Joshua Reynolds, an heir to the R.J. Reynolds fortune. Joshua Reynolds, a New Yorker with a background in marketing, earned a degree in psychology from Colgate U... Read More »

Who invented the 3-ring binder?

In 1886, German-born Friedrich Soennecken invented the ring binder with one hole. In 1877, Russell's Common Sense binder (2-hole) was patented in the U.S.; this eventually evolved into the 3-ring b... Read More »

When were ring pulls invented for cans?

The invention of what we refer to today as the ring pull, occurred in 1959. The opening method up until this point was a piercing tool known as a church key. When Ermal Fraze forgot to bring his ch... Read More »