Who invented the navy watch cap?

Answer Although there is no record of the inventor, by 1897 the dark-blue watch cap was on the official list of naval uniform items. The classic cap worn by U.S. sailors during cold weather at sea is knit... Read More »

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What is a US Navy watch commander's job?

An Watch Leader (Section Leader) either in port or underway, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the current stationed watch section. It doesn't necessarily have to be an Officer, though... Read More »

Who invented the navy seals?

Though the SEAL's have their origins in WWII, the weren't officially created as an operational unit within the Navy until January 1, 1962, by then President John F. Kennedy.

What year was the US Navy invented?

Visit your local Navy Recruiter. They can provide you the information to allow you to make an informed decision. If you wish to become an officer, the process requires a college education, but you ... Read More »

Who invented the quartz watch?

The quartz watch was not a one-person invention. It was, instead, a string of unrelated inventions that, when put together, formed the quartz watch. Some inventors who influenced the quartz watch i... Read More »