Who invented the navigation system?

Answer There is much debate as to who invented the navigation system, or the global positioning system. Brad Parkinson and Ivan Getting have both been given credit, according to the National Inventors Hal... Read More »

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Who invented the inertial navigation system?

Dr. Charles Stark Draper was born in 1901 in Windsor, Missouri. He invented the inertial navigation system. The technologies he created won him multiple awards in his field, and they significantly ... Read More »

What is a navigation system?

A navigation system determines a vehicle's location by signals received through an antenna from three or more of 24 orbiting global positioning system satellites (GPS). It then provides your locati... Read More »

What car has the best navigation system?

On One Hand: The CTS Provides the BestThe Cadillac CTS offers the best navigation system. The navigation system displays clear graphics, has loud audible directions, and offers real time traffic an... Read More »

What is a DVD navigation system?

A DVD navigation system is a car DVD player, either installed in-dash or elsewhere in the car, that is also capable of providing GPS navigation. Many DVD navigation systems feature touch screens.Re... Read More »