Who invented the music box?

Answer The invention of the music box is often attributed to Louis Favre, a Geneva-based watchmaker who lived in the mid-1770s. The Swiss are credited with distribution of the music box and its heightened... Read More »

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When was the first music CD invented?

After being frustrated with the damage vinyl records experienced from repetitive play, James T. Russell invented the basic compact disc in 1965. Over the next decade, he perfected the concept of th... Read More »

Who invented rap music?

Rap music can be traced back to the West African singers/storytellers who were known as the "Griots." The first rap music that made it big was "Rappers Delight." It was released by Sugar Hill Gang.... Read More »

Who invented the first music box?

According to the Porter Music Box Museum, the first music box was invented in 1796 in Switzerland by a man named Antoine Favre. It took off in popularity, becoming rapidly available in many other E... Read More »

Who invented blues music?

Blues music was not invented by one particular person in a specific place or time. Instead, blues music developed over the course of the past 150 years or so, with contributions from a number of di... Read More »