Who invented the mouse trap?

Answer According to American Heritage, the first snapping mouse trap was invented in 1899 by John Mast of Eititz, Pennsylvania. He received the patent for the trap in 1903. The "snap trap", as it was call... Read More »

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Will peanut butter be a good source to put on a mouse trap to catch a mouse?

yes, but put the trap into an old shoebox (cardboard with a hole cut in the side) or a empty tissue box. That way, you dont have to touch it. just throw the whole thing away.

What is the best food to put in a mouse trap to catch mouse fast?

What is the best bait to catch a mouse in a mouse trap?

According to the 4 Dot Ranch, maker of It's So Simple Mouse Traps, the best mouse bait is a mixture of peanut butter and bacon bits that stays fresher longer than sugary baits and maintains an enti... Read More »

Can a mouse drag a mouse trap away?

Sure it can drag it no problem. What happened was the trap caught its foot or leg instead of its head...snapping its neck, so instead the mouse just squealed and ran off with the mouse trap attache... Read More »