Who invented the "mouse" on the computer?

Answer It was named after Mickey Mouse lol

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Who invented the computer mouse?

In December 1968, Douglas Engelbart introduced the computer mouse at the Fall Joint Computer Conference held in San Francisco, California. Engelbart worked on the mouse with a team of researchers a... Read More »

Who invented the mouse for a computer?

Originally called an X-Y position indicator, the computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in the 1960s, and was initially composed of a metal block and wheels. In 1972 Bill English invented... Read More »

Who invented the mouse for the computer?

The computer mouse was first invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart. The wooden design featured only one button and allowed users to point and click on a screen. In 1972, Bill English added a ball t... Read More »

When was the wireless computer mouse invented?

According to "Macworld," Logitech invents and releases the world's first wireless mouse in 1991. The Cordless MouseMan uses radio frequency (RF) transmission, which doesn't need to be within a base... Read More »