Who invented the motor boat?

Answer Herr Gottlieb Daimler installed an internal combustion engine in a boat in 1886. This engine had a single cylinder and produced about 1 horsepower.Source:A Short History of Motor Boating

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What year was the motor boat invented?

The first motor boat was invented and designed by F.W. Ofeldt in the year 1885 in the United States of America.Source:Motorboat Devised in 1885

How to Put Oil in a Lower End Boat Motor?

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How to Flush a Boat Motor?

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How to Lower a Boat's Motor When Launching?

When launching a boat, it is important that the outboard motor is tilted up so that it does not scrape on the boat ramp or the bottom while the boat is being launched. Not having the motor in the u... Read More »