Who invented the motion picture camera?

Answer In 1891, Thomas Alva Edison invented and patented the first working motion picture camera called the Kinetoscope. The continuous film used in the Kinetoscope was 35 mm wide, and the images on the f... Read More »

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Who invented the motion picture camera in 1895?

Louis Lumiere invented the motion-picture camera in 1895. The Frenchman's camera combined a camera, projector and film-processing unit into one portable device. Though Thomas Edison's moving-pictu... Read More »

How to Cite Motion Picture Titles?

Sometimes researchers need to cite a motion picture in their reports. Common inclusions to the reference include the producer, director, leading actors, copyright year and media type. However, the ... Read More »

How to Acquire Motion Picture Licensing for a DVD Release?

The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) offers an umbrella license for DVD releases. You do not need to purchase a license for every DVD you wish to show. The umbrella license grants you un... Read More »

Does sony Picture Motion Browser work on Mac, if not how do I download videos?

No.What camcorder are you using?MiniDV tape needs a firewire cable and a firewire port on the Mac.++++++++++Standard definition video from Hard Disc Drive (HDD) or flash memory camcorders may requi... Read More »