Who invented the moonwalk dance?

Answer Marcel Marceau, the late French mime artist, is generally credited with creating the dance that Michael Jackson later perfected and called the Moonwalk. A Marceau sketch called "Walking Against th... Read More »

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Who invented the moonwalk dance move?

Michael Jackson is generally credited with inventing the Moonwalk as we know it today, though various forms of the move have appeared for decades. He first demonstrated it during a performance of h... Read More »

What was the first dance ever invented?

Nobody knows but simple circle dances from the Mediterranean area go back at least 6,000 years.

Who invented the salsa dance?

Salsa can trace itself back to Latin American and Afro-Caribbean roots and is often identified with Puerto Rico and Cuba. The term "salsa" was coined on the New York music scene in the mid-1970s, b... Read More »

Who wrote moonwalk?

Michael Jackson collaborated on the book "Moonwalk" with ghost writer Stephen Davis, who spent over eight months interviewing the pop star. It is a New York Times number one best seller. The book i... Read More »