Who invented the model t car?

Answer Henry Ford invented the Model T. The car first sold in 1908 for $825. The price was reduced to $525 in 1914. The Model T was the first car that was affordable for nearly every working American. It ... Read More »

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Who invented the ford model t?

Henry Ford invented the Model T car, which was unveiled to the public for purchase in 1907. He'd previously worked as an engineer at Edison Illuminating Co., where he worked on self-propelled autom... Read More »

Who invented the plum pudding model?

English physicist Joseph John Thompson invented the plum pudding model to explain the makeup of an atom. Thompson's model showed the atom as being composed of protons scattered throughout the atom... Read More »

Who invented the planetary model of the atoms?

Ernest Rutherford developed the planetary model of the atom in 1911, but his model described a very unstable atom. In 1912, Niels Bohr used quantum theory to describe the position of electrons in s... Read More »

Who invented the QWERTY keyboard and when was the first model built?

Christopher Sholes built the first QWERTY keyboard, the configuration of keys used on computers. Sholes introduced the keyboard on a typewriter he made in 1868. He was born on February 14, 1819, in... Read More »