Who invented the military tank?

Answer The first military tank was created during the First World War. It was a culmination of advancements that started as far back as 1770. In 1770 Richard Edgeworth invented the Caterpillar wheel track... Read More »

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What is the best tank in the US military?

Who created the military tank?

Military tanks were first created by the British to be used during the first World War during the battle of Flers-Courcellette. It was considered a failure and didn't become a success until 14 mont... Read More »

Military Tank Information?

The development of the tank began in the 15th century, when inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci began creating designs, although none were actually built. Advancements in technology helped to usher... Read More »

When was the first military tank built?

The British Royal Navy built the first military tank in 1915. They assigned it the code name "tank" because it resembled a water-carrying vessel. The name would later become synonymous with the veh... Read More »