Where was microwave popcorn invented?

Answer Microwave popcorn was invented in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1945 by an engineer at the Raytheon Corporation. Dr. Percy Spencer discovered that microwaves used during the second world war could be u... Read More »

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When was the microwave cooker invented?

The microwave cooker was invented in 1946. Its inventor, Percy LeBaron Spencer, was testing a magnetron when he discovered an interesting side effect: nearby food cooked or melted. His company work... Read More »

Who invented microwave popcorn?

Percy Spencer invented microwave popcorn by accident in 1946. He stood by a magnetron, which is a tube that uses currents to create heat, and it melted chocolate in his pocket. So, he tried placing... Read More »

Who invented the microwave popcorn bag?

Percy L. Spencer invented the first microwave popcorn bag, and shortly afterward began working on the first microwave oven, or what was then called the "radar box," in 1945. It was not an intention... Read More »

Who invented microwave bacon?

A tool for microwaving bacon was first invented by then-eight-year-old Abigail ("Abbey") Fleck in 1993. Abigail and her dad created a dish that would allow bacon's fat to drip down into plastic con... Read More »