Who invented the electric microscope?

Answer Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the first simple electronic microscope. When he died in 1971, Farnsworth held over 300 U.S. and foreign patents. He also invented the first all-electronic televisio... Read More »

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Who invented the stereo microscope?

The first stereo microscope was designed by American Horatio Greenough in the 1890s. The Carl Zeiss company, a German manufacturer of microscopes and other mechanical instruments, used this design ... Read More »

Who invented the compound microscope?

Around 1590, two Dutch spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his father Hans, started experimenting with different lenses. They put several lenses in a tube and discovered that the object at th... Read More »

Who Invented the First Digital Microscope?

The digital microscope represents a Japanese invention from 1986 that has changed the way elements can be observed through a microscope. The concept expands beyond just magnifying the picture of a... Read More »

Who invented the polarizing light microscope?

In 1828, William Nicol invented the polarizing light microscope. Nicol's prism caused light-wave vibrations to take on a clear form. This device is often used to study different kinds of minerals a... Read More »