Who invented the micrometer caliper?

Answer William Gascoigne invented and built the first micrometer caliper in 1639. This 17th-century English mathematician, astronomer and creator of scientific instruments used this instrument as a tool t... Read More »

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Who invented the micrometer?

Englishmen James Watt invented a bench instrument used for precision measurements, and Harold Maudslay fashioned a screw adjustment to measure .0001 inch. A Frenchman, Jean Palmer made a portable m... Read More »

Who invented the vernier caliper?

The vernier caliper was invented by Pierre Vernier. The instrument measures very fine gradations of length, to one thousandth of an inch. It is arranged in an L-shape, consisting of a sliding scale... Read More »

How to Use an ID Micrometer?

You can use micrometers to measure the outer dimensions of parts that are made in a manual or CNC machine. Place the material in between the two rods and turn the thimble to find the outer dimensio... Read More »

What is a micrometer used for?

A micrometer is a measuring device used by machinists, toolmakers, engineers or anyone that requires a precise measurement. Micrometers graduations are in inch or metric divisions. Scale graduation... Read More »