Who invented the micrometer?

Answer Englishmen James Watt invented a bench instrument used for precision measurements, and Harold Maudslay fashioned a screw adjustment to measure .0001 inch. A Frenchman, Jean Palmer made a portable m... Read More »

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Who invented the micrometer caliper?

William Gascoigne invented and built the first micrometer caliper in 1639. This 17th-century English mathematician, astronomer and creator of scientific instruments used this instrument as a tool t... Read More »

How big is a micrometer?

A micrometer is a metric unit of distance one-millionth of a meter in length. It is a common unit for the measurement of light waves, and is also known as a micron. There are 25,400 micrometers in ... Read More »

How to Use an ID Micrometer?

You can use micrometers to measure the outer dimensions of parts that are made in a manual or CNC machine. Place the material in between the two rods and turn the thimble to find the outer dimensio... Read More »

How to Use a Drum Micrometer?

A drum micrometer is used to measure the inside diameter of the brake drum on vehicles with drum braking systems, primarily for rear brakes, but some antiques have four-wheel drum braking systems. ... Read More »