Who invented the medicine tray?

Answer The medicine tray was invented and patented by Joan Clark on April 1, 1987. Although information is difficult to find on her, because she is an African-American, Joan Clark's invention can be found... Read More »

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Who invented the ice cube tray?

In the early 20th century, Fred W. Wolf Jr. attempted to create an electric refrigerating machine that included the first known ice tray. While his machine failed, several other inventors were insp... Read More »

Who invented the first gas medicine?

The first gas medicine, called simethicone, was invented by Dr. J. Alfred Rider, a pioneering California Bay Area gastroenterologist, in 1960. Dr. Rider was also a past president of the California ... Read More »

Who invented the first medicine to reduce gas?

Dr. J. Alfred Rider, a California gastroenterologist, invented the first medicine to reduce intestinal gas in 1960. This medication is called simethicone and is still widely used today. It can be p... Read More »

When was heartworm medicine invented?

After being used on soldiers with filiariasis in World War II, diethylcarbamazine became the first heartworm medication prescribed to dogs beginning in the 1950s. This was more than 100 years after... Read More »