Who invented the mammogram?

Answer Albert Saloman, a German surgeon, is credited with being the first person to use X-ray technology for the detection of breast cancer. X-ray technology was invented in the late nineteenth century; S... Read More »

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What does a shadow on a mammogram indicate?

When a woman undergoes a mammogram and a shadow is seen, that is an indication that breast tissue had folded over in the mammogram plate. This can make it look like there is a nodule or mass presen... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Mammogram?

Regular mammogram screenings are vital to the breast health of women over 35 and can help in the early detection of breast cancer. Getting a mammogram can be nerve-wracking, but some preparation be... Read More »

Ladies..I am going for a mammogram today...when was your last one....?

I should be ashamed of myself.....I have not had one yet.My Mother has breast cancer....1st mastectomy was 3 years ago. Her 2nd one was just last week. And they were 2 different types of cancer.I g... Read More »

I possibly have an abnormal Mammogram?

They need a comparison since its your second one .. I wouldnt worry just yet .. :)