Who invented the magnifier?

Answer According to the University of Maryland, Roger Bacon invented magnifying lenses in 1262. Eyeglasses became popular very rapidly after they were first worn in 1280 in Florence, Italy. It was not unt... Read More »

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How to Use the Magnifier on Your Computer?

This is going to show you how to use the magnifier that is on your computer.

How do i use a reading magnifier?

DistancePlace the magnifier over the words. Some magnifiers require users to place them directly on the words. If, after placing the magnifier directly on the words, the letters are completely visi... Read More »

Cant get magnifier off my screen?

It's been turned on by default each time you boot your pc.To get rid of it, go to start>all programs>accessories>ease of access>ease of access centerclick on "make the computer easier to use" under... Read More »

How to Use Windows Magnifier?

The Magnifier tool in Windows operating systems allows users with poor vision to enlarge certain portions of the screen. You can set the Magnifier to enlarge portion of the screen that your mouse p... Read More »