Who invented the laser printer in 1975?

Answer The first prototype for a laser printer was created by Gary Starkweather, a researcher at Xerox. The original prototype consisted of a modification of one of the laser cartridges used in the Xerox ... Read More »

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Who invented the laser printer?

The laser printer was invented in 1969 by Xerox researcher Gary Starkweather. The laser printer was commercialized in 1976 by IBM. The first laser printers cost thousands of dollars, but over time ... Read More »

When was the laser printer invented?

The first demonstration of a laser printer was performed in the year 1969 at the Xerox research facility in Webster, New York. The first commercially available laser printer was produced by IBM in ... Read More »

Who invented the first laser printer in 1969?

The first laser printer was created by a researcher at the Xerox Corp. named Gary Starkweather. Although he worked on his invention in 1969, Starkweather didn't complete the first working laser p... Read More »

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