Who invented the laser gun?

Answer Although Albert Einstein laid down the theoretical basis for laser weapons in 1914, no military currently has an active high-energy laser weapon in use. However, Boeing has developed a truck-mounte... Read More »

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When was the laser disc invented?

The first transparent recording disc was invented in 1958 by David Paul Gregg. Electronics giant Philips expanded on the invention in 1969 with reflective video discs. In 1972, a recently partnered... Read More »

Who invented the laser level?

The laser level was invented in 1996 by Steven J. Orosz, Jr. Originally intended as a portable tool for monitoring cardiac activity, the laser level now has many applications across a variety of fi... Read More »

Who invented the laser flip?

A laser flip is a skateboard trick that was created and made popular in the 1990s by Rodney Mullen. Because of the complex nature of the trick, it is not seen very ... Read More »

Who invented laser scissors?

Laser scissors, also known as microbeams, were invented by Marcel Bessis and a team of scientists in Paris in 1962, according to U.S. National Library of Medicine. Bessis was in charge of the resea... Read More »