When was the first ladder invented?

Answer The first ladder was invented more than 10,000 years ago. Paintings depicting the use of ladders were discovered in caves in Spain, suggesting that ladders were first invented sometime around 8,000... Read More »

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Who invented the step ladder?

John H. Balsley of Dayton, Ohio acquired the first U.S. step ladder patent in 1862. Although more antiquated step ladders existed prior to this time, Balsley's invention included hinges at the top... Read More »

Who invented ladder ball?

Because ladder ball went through several name changes and variations, the exact inventor can't be verified. Polynesians were known to play a variation of ladder ball called "Willyball." Cowboys pla... Read More »

Who invented the ladder in the Bible?

The ladder in the Bible appears in a chapter in Genesis in the Old Testament. It is known as "Jacob's ladder" because it was Jacob who saw it. Just before he leaves Israel, he rests and dreams of a... Read More »

Who invented the fire escape ladder in 1878?

Joseph Winters originally patented the fire escape ladder on May 7, 1878. He invented a ladder that was built and mounted onto fire wagons of the time so that firefighters could more easily reach t... Read More »