Who invented the internet?

Answer The inventors were guys that worked for ARPA (way back in 1969), the first version was called ARPANET, the first transmissions were between UCLA and Stanford. The scientists were frustrated with s... Read More »

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What would you be doing now if the internet was never invented?

When was wireless internet invented?

WiFi technology was invented by scientists at Lucent and AT&T in 1991 in the Netherlands. The technology was originally intended for cash registers. The seed for the invention was planted back in 1... Read More »

Who invented internet banking?

The first Internet banking service was provided by Presidential Saving Bank on October 6, 1995 as an alternative to the conventional 'brick-and-mortar' banking. The Internet-only bank, Security Fir... Read More »

Who invented high speed Internet?

Greenville in Texas is credited for coming up with high speed internet. It was the first to deploy a network that had download speeds that averaged 8 MB per second back in 2001.Source:Geus: High Sp... Read More »