Who invented the inkjet printer?

Answer No particular person or company invented the inkjet printer. It was first presented in 1976 but was not used until 1988 by the Hewlett-Packard company for consumers as a DeskJet. It was available a... Read More »

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Who invented the first inkjet printer?

No one person or company is credited with inventing the first inkjet printer. Canon and Hewlett-Packard are responsible for releasing the first inkjet printer in 1988 for consumers to purchase. It ... Read More »

What's better a laser printer, a dotmatrix printer or an inkjet printer?

For Black&White prints, top of the line printers ( = fastest+high quality): - LASER - high quality & high speed. - Ink - high quality & moderate speed. - Dot Matrix - moderate quality&moderate spee... Read More »

What is the Model # of your HP Inkjet Printer, & what HP Inkjet Cartridges Does It Use ?

I have an Deskjet 842C, 712C and an officejet 4215 with the office jet it can take a 56, 27, and 21 for black without incident, however being that the 21 is ridiculously low capacity I will not use... Read More »

Using low quality papers on my new inkjet printer, will it cause any harm to the printer .?

Usage of low quality papers in printers may lead to future damages of cartidges or some other parts/accessories of printer. Moreover regular basis use of low quality papers usually leads to this pr... Read More »