Who invented the inkjet printer?

Answer No particular person or company invented the inkjet printer. It was first presented in 1976 but was not used until 1988 by the Hewlett-Packard company for consumers as a DeskJet. It was available a... Read More »

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Who invented the first inkjet printer?

No one person or company is credited with inventing the first inkjet printer. Canon and Hewlett-Packard are responsible for releasing the first inkjet printer in 1988 for consumers to purchase. It ... Read More »

What is the Model # of your HP Inkjet Printer, & what HP Inkjet Cartridges Does It Use ?

I have an Deskjet 842C, 712C and an officejet 4215 with the office jet it can take a 56, 27, and 21 for black without incident, however being that the 21 is ridiculously low capacity I will not use... Read More »

What's better a laser printer, a dotmatrix printer or an inkjet printer?

For Black&White prints, top of the line printers ( = fastest+high quality): - LASER - high quality & high speed. - Ink - high quality & moderate speed. - Dot Matrix - moderate quality&moderate spee... Read More »

Which printer superseded the Epson Stylus Photo 890 Inkjet Printer?

I loved that printer with the panoramic photo paper roll! If your talking directly after that printer I thing it was the Epson Stylus Photo 900 series printers... or if your talking about todays Ep... Read More »