Who invented the infrared thermometer?

Answer In 1800, Sir William Herschel discovered infrared as a means of measuring temperature. Nearly two centuries later, this technology crossed over into the medical field. In 1984, David Phillips inven... Read More »

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What is an infrared thermometer?

When most people hear the word "thermometer," they think of being sick with a fever and holding a mercury-filled glass tube in their mouth. However, the only thing the infrared thermometer has in c... Read More »

How to Use a Cen-Tech Infrared Thermometer?

If your car's engine runs at an excessively high temperature, you risk damaging not only the engine but everything around it. In order to instantly check the temperature of your engine you can use... Read More »

When was the thermometer invented?

Galileo Galilei invented the first thermometer in 1593. It used water rather than mercury. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer in 1714 and also established the Fahrenh... Read More »

In what year was the thermometer invented?

Santorio Santorio is generally credited with applying a numerical scale to an air thermoscope, a device that indicates changes in temperature, at least as early as 1612, creating a thermometer. Gab... Read More »