Who invented the ice cream freezer?

Answer New England housewife Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice cream freezer in 1846. She sold the rights to the design to William Young in 1847, who filed his own patent on the design the next ... Read More »

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Can I put whipping cream in a freezer?

Nope, sorry, you can't. The "curdling' you're referring to may be butter fat that's come to the surface (especially if it doesn't taste sour). If you purchase whipping cream that expires in 5 mon... Read More »

Can ice cream freezers be used as a regular freezer?

An ice cream maker is commonly called an ice cream freezer. The crank ones require salt and constant cranking to maintain the temperature, so they would not be practical for this use. There are ele... Read More »

If a 1 gallon Ice Cream is left out of the freezer, how long before it goes bad?

ife it still had some shape, it is okay. If it is liquid and still cold, you could drink it, but otherwise toss it.>> IN a grocery store, the store should definitely toss it. Even if no germs ha... Read More »

Freezer will freeze meat and water but not ice cream...?

If you have not cleaned your refrigerator inside and out in a few years now is a good time. The condenser coil needs to be cleaned. it will not get cold enough if the condenser is blocked. Block... Read More »