Who invented the hydraulic screw?

Answer The hydraulic screw was invented by Archimedes and is otherwise known as the Archimedes screw. Archimedes invented the hydraulic screw while he was visiting Egypt in the 3rd century BC.Source:Archi... Read More »

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The screw on my eyeglasses came out...(ultra tiny screw) anyone know of a tool small enough to screw it in?

Everyone is right...they sell little eyeglass repair kits at most drug stores. I've even seen them at the check-out at some grocery stores. Don't lose that screw though. The screws in those kits... Read More »

Who invented the wood screw?

The earliest screw-shaped tools became common in the first century. Historians are not sure who actually invented the first screws. These early screws were made from wood and were used for pressing... Read More »

When were screw top jars invented?

Inventor and tinsmith John L. Mason introduced his famous reusable Mason jar in 1858. The jar was equipped with a simple screw top lid that revolutionized food preservation. Previously, canning ja... Read More »

Who invented the screw gauge?

William Gascoigne invented the screw gauge. Gascoigne was a 17th-century English mathematician and astronomer. His invention was fully called the micrometer screw gauge, but it is often called both... Read More »