Who invented the hybrid car?

Answer Electrical engineer Victor Wouk built a prototype for the hybrid in 1974. According to the New York Times, Wouk modified a 1972 Buick Skylark, in response to the growing concern over auto emissions... Read More »

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Who invented the hybrid engine?

Alex J. Severinsky invented the hybrid engine through a series of innovations during the 1990s. The engine Severinsky invented is used in the Toyota Prius, explains the University of Maryland. Seve... Read More »

Who invented hybrid crops?

Inventor of Hybrid Crops Click on the link to your right for the answer. The first I recall of anyone breeding plants was Gregory Mendel. He was a monk who bred and developed different pea plant st... Read More »

Who invented the first hybrid vehicle?

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, a young engineer at Jacob Lohner & Company, built the first hybrid vehicle in 1899. The car is known as the Lohner Porsche hybrid. It was built with a in-wheel electric motor... Read More »

What year were hybrid cars invented?

German engineer Ferdinand Porsche built the first hybrid vehicle sometime around 1900. Generated by batteries and converted into a four-wheel drive, the hybrid's speeds could reach up to 40 miles p... Read More »