Who invented the human incubator?

Answer An incubator to warm newborn infants was invented by physician Alexandre Lion in Nice, France, and patented in 1889. It was the first commercially available incubator for babies. Models invented in... Read More »

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Who invented the first incubator?

Jean-Louis-Paul Denucé invented the first rudimentary neonatal incubator in 1857. The first "modern" incubator was invented by obstetrician Étienne Stéphane Tarnier in 1860. This device was insp... Read More »

Who invented the incubator in the Philippines?

Fe Del Mundo, who was the first Asian to study at Harvard University's School of Medicine, helped to create an improved incubator as well as a device to relieve jaundice.Source:The Age of Brillig: ... Read More »

When was the infant incubator invented?

Tanier, a Frenchman, invented the first infant incubator in 1860. It would be another 21 years, however, before it was installed in Paris' Maternity Hospital. In appearance, the incubators bore a r... Read More »

Who invented the incubator for infants?

Although most well known for his inventions in the field of automobile technology, Charles Kettering is credited with inventing an incubator for use with premature infants. He also created a treatm... Read More »