Who invented the hourglass?

Answer The precise inventor of the sand-filled hourglass is unknown, but it has been a commonly used device through ancient and even modern history.In ancient Egypt, Prince Amenemhet built his father King... Read More »

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When was the hourglass invented?

The invention of the hourglass dates back to the mid-14th century. It is believed that the hourglass was used on ships to measure the speed and distance traveled while at sea. They are also known a... Read More »

Who created the hourglass?

Because of the ancient timing of its inception, it is not known who is responsible for inventing the hourglass. However, initial use of the hourglass as a timepiece was definitively established in ... Read More »

Water hourglass no oil?

i answered your other q from my other account, and you asked for a link. This is what I was originally talking about…Im apparently just stupid and never r... Read More »

Am I an hourglass shape?