Who invented the hole punch?

Answer Friedrich Soennecken invented a "device to punch holes in paper," or the hole punch, and patented it in Germany on November 14, 1886, according to Soennecken is also credited... Read More »

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How to Punch a Hole in Glass with a Hammer?

Amazing but true. It is possible to punch a roughly circular hole in a piece of glass or mirror with a hammer.

How to Punch a Square Hole in Metal?

Some automotive parts require a square pass-through hole in either a sheet metal panel or other metal component. Generally, punching a square hole in sheet metal requires a mechanical punch and a s... Read More »

What size does my top margin need to be for a hole punch?

Typically, hole punches come in groups of three so they can fit perfectly inside a three-ring binder. In order to match the three-hole punch evenly, your margin must be 1 inch.References:Wise Geek:... Read More »

What company makes hole punch bits?

Greenlee is a company that makes hole punch bits. They make the Multi-Hole Step Bit and Kwik Stepper Step Bit. Both of these bits make holes in brass, copper, wood, laminates and plastics.Source:Kw... Read More »