Who invented the handkerchief?

Answer The handkerchief is said to have been invented by Richard II of England. It is small piece of fabric that people carry with them for hygiene purposes such as blowing the nose or wiping the mouth, h... Read More »

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What year was the pocket handkerchief invented?

Handkerchiefs began functioning as portable, small towels in late 14th century England. They were primarily reserved for the upper class, generally decorated with frills and lace and made out of go... Read More »

What is a handkerchief box?

Long before pop-up paper tissues, men and women used fabric handkerchiefs. These were kept in a special container called a handkerchief box, usually on a dresser or vanity table. Both the boxes and... Read More »

How to Wear a Handkerchief?

Contemporary men who regularly wear suits may or may not wear a handkerchief in their breast pockets. Tailors and designers will say that a suit is "naked" without a handkerchief. A man who wants t... Read More »

How do I fold a handkerchief?

Learning how to fold a handkerchief to stick in a coat pocket is not hard. The perfectly folded handkerchief can really make the outfit, especially for a man, and complete the look by adding just a... Read More »