Who invented the grocery cart?

Answer Grocery store owner, Sylvan Goldman and mechanic, Fred Young, invented the grocery cart in 1936. Goldman wanted to make grocery shopping easier for the customer. They came up with the idea for the ... Read More »

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Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?

How to Grocery Cart Surf?

Have you ever wanted to surf through grocery aisles using only a shopping cart? Read on.

Did you know that that shopping cart you have pushed around at your grocery store is loaded with germs?

Touch a petri dish to ANY surface anywhere and you'll grow it full of bacteria. So what's new? We've been living with them for eons, and they'll be here for longer than us in this world.It's only p... Read More »

When was the rolling cart invented?

Scholars believe humans began using wheeled carts in Mesopotamia, the Caucuses and Eastern Europe between 4500 and 3300 BC. The first direct evidence for a rolling cart is an image from the Bronoci... Read More »