Who invented the gas powered chainsaw?

Answer The first gas-powered chainsaw was patented in 1929 by a German engineer named Andreas Stihl. It was originally called a "tree-felling machine." Oddly enough, Stihl first invented the electric-powe... Read More »

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Who invented the 1st chainsaw?

In an article by Dr. Wolf Seufert of the Canadian Medical Association, it is revealed that the first chainsaw was most likely created in 1830 by a German inventor named Bernard Heine. He put a chai... Read More »

Who invented the chainsaw?

Andreas Stihl invented the first chainsaw in 1926. It weighed a hefty 140 lbs. and was powered by electricity instead of gas. Stihl's invention changed the logging industry. The company still makes... Read More »

When was the first gas-powered car invented?

The first gas-powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, was invented in 1885 by Karl Benz.Source:Chevron Cars: History of Benz Patent Motor Wagen

Who invented the solar powered car?

William G. Cobb of General Motors introduced the world's first solar-powered car on August 31, 1955, at the Chicago Powerama convention. However, his car, named the Sunmobile, was only 15 inches lo... Read More »