Who invented the gas oven?

Answer The first gas burning oven was invented in 1832 by James Sharp, an assistant manager of the Northampton Gas Company in England. However temperature controls for the gas oven were not introduced unt... Read More »

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Who invented the pizza oven?

The ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman civilizations used brick ovens to make bread. The ancient Greeks and Romans ate bread with toppings, resembling modern-day pizza, which makes their ov... Read More »

Who invented the oven mitt?

On August 24, 1943, the Heat Protective Apparel was patented by the United States Patent Office through patent no. 2,327,625. As a result of this patent, Lawrence E. Dickson of Chicago, Illinois, ... Read More »

Who invented the range oven?

The range oven, which seems very ordinary and common place in many homes today, was invented by an African-American man named Thomas Carrington. Thomas Carrington patented his revolutionary inventi... Read More »

Who invented the electric oven?

Thomas Ahearn of Canada is credited as the inventor of the electric oven. The invention took place in 1882 and Ahearn received a patent on the electric oven in 1892, the same year he prepared the f... Read More »