Who invented the game paintball?

Answer The invention of paintball can be credited to four people: Charles Nelson, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel and Bob Gurnsey. Charles Nelson had the original idea of a gun shooting balls of paint, and the... Read More »

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What year was the paintball gun invented?

The paintball gun was invented in 1974 by James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing. The original use of the paintball gun was not for sports; it was to mark trees and cattle for farming and forestry appli... Read More »

How to Win a Recreational Paintball Game?

Here are instructions for how to win a recreational paintball game. Learn when to attack, where to move, and who to take out first!

How long does one game of paintball last?

A game of paintball typically lasts about twenty to thirty minutes, with a ten to fifteen minute interval between each game. However, a game may end sooner or last longer, depending on the experien... Read More »

Who played the first game of paintball?

The first paintball game was played in 1981 in New Hampshire and involved 12 participants, according to The first game was organized by Bob Guernsey, Hayes Noel and C... Read More »