Who invented the futon?

Answer Centuries ago the Japanese slept on thin futon mattresses directly on the floor and rolled them up each morning. The modern futon sofa bed was invented by American woodworker and designer William ... Read More »

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What kind of futon mattress is best for a couch/futon?

On One Hand: Light Usage.If your futon won't see much wear and tear, cotton may be an economical mattress material. Cotton mattresses are among the cheaper mattresses, depending on the manufacturer... Read More »

How old is the futon?

Futons have existed for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Futon is a Japanese word meaning bedding. The Japanese use the word shikibuton to describe the a... Read More »

How do you do futon rasengan?

You can't. Only Naruto can do it. Edit: The asker means how does Naruto do it. Why would he wanna waste his time trying to do some pixels? If you mean the Rasenshuriken, that is the combination o... Read More »

How do I open a futon bed?

Opening a Futon BedMove the futon away from the wall to create space to open it. Pull the seat of the futon up using both hands until it clears the seat stopper. Pull the seat towards you, and gent... Read More »