Who invented the freezer?

Answer German engineer Carl von Linde invented the first reliable condensed-ammonia freezer during his research from 1873 through 1877. He later used this technology to become the first to liquefy oxygen ... Read More »

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Who invented the deep freezer?

The deep freezer was invented by Carl von Linde, a scientist who also invented the refrigerator after his research in heat theory at the Polytechnic in Munich. His company produced the first viable... Read More »

Who invented the ice cream freezer?

New England housewife Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice cream freezer in 1846. She sold the rights to the design to William Young in 1847, who filed his own patent on the design the next ... Read More »

When was the fridge freezer invented?

Does a frost-free freezer help with freezer burn?

On One Hand: No, They Don'tFreezer burn occurs when moisture in food turns into water vapor, which basically freeze dries the food. That vapor can freeze to the walls of the freezer, creating frost... Read More »