Who invented the fork, spoon&knife?

Answer No single person was responsible for inventing the fork, spoon and knife. Primitive people first made knives from bones and stones, and Egyptians refined them later using gold, bronze and ivory. Kn... Read More »

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Who invented the spoon&fork?

One particular person did not invent the spoon and fork. The first spoons might have been seashells used by early humans. The first fork was used for eating in the 11th century in Italy, although f... Read More »

Who invented the pastry fork?

Anna Mangin is an African-American woman who received a patent for the pastry fork in 1892. A pastry fork cuts butter or shortening together with flour to create a light and flaky pie or pastry cru... Read More »

When were the fork&spoon invented?

The fork and spoon evolved separately. The first manufactured spoons appeared in the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. Forks as eating utensils were first developed and used by royalty in the ... Read More »

How to Add Fork Oil?

Motorcycles contain two forks that work as shock absorbers. The rear fork is connected to the steering head; the front fork is set a few inches in front of the rear fork. The forks are responsible ... Read More »