Who invented the football jersey?

Answer L.P. Smock, a football player at Princeton University, designed the first official football uniform in 1877. The uniform consisted of a canvas jacket, black knee pants, stockings and a jersey. The ... Read More »

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How do you wash a football jersey?

you go to google and type in this."how to wash a football jersey"you can get your answer in 30 seconds, instead of waiting around here for someone to answer.lets try it Read More »

How to Design a Ladies Football Jersey?

Express your girlie-side while supporting your favorite football team by personalizing a ladies football jersey.

How to Design Your Own Solid Football Jersey?

Football is the shorthand name given to more than one type of sport, most commonly soccer, American football and flag football. No matter the sport being referred to, all football utilizes jerseys ... Read More »

How to Clean a White Stained Football Jersey?

Unless a game is played on an artificial turf field, football commonly equals stains. Grass and dirt are often the primary culprits in football uniform stains. Although just as easily stained, dark... Read More »