Who invented the football jersey?

Answer L.P. Smock, a football player at Princeton University, designed the first official football uniform in 1877. The uniform consisted of a canvas jacket, black knee pants, stockings and a jersey. The ... Read More »

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Who invented the Nerf football?

Reyn Guyer invented a round polyurethane foam ball called Nerf, which was released in 1970 by Parker Brothers as the first ball for indoor play. In 1972 the Nerf football was introduced.References:... Read More »

Who invented football in America?

Walter Camp, who instituted many rule changes and variations from rugby, is widely considered to be the father of American football. Camp, a former player at Yale, helped write the rules of footbal... Read More »

When were football pads invented?

Pads for American football players were patented on Nov. 27, 1906. Their invention is credited to Abraham Schemel. At the time of the patent, the pads, according to Google Patents, were called a "j... Read More »

Who invented the facemask for football?

Vern McMillan, a sporting goods store owner in Terre Haute, Indiana, designed the first face mask. It was a rubber-covered wire mask on a leather helmet, and was worn by players in the 1930s.Source... Read More »