Who invented the flying alarm clock?

Answer Designer Ena Macana built the Blowfly flying alarm clock, which turned the conventional way of waking up on its ear. The device would launch itself at the predetermined time and would hover, emitti... Read More »

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Flying Alarm Clock Instructions?

The Flying Alarm Clock takes waking up early to a whole new level. To prevent you from simply pounding the snooze bar every 15 minutes, rather than waking up, the Flying Alarm Clock forces you to g... Read More »

Who invented the digital alarm clock?

Samuel Polonsky of Monroe, Connecticut, submitted a patent for an electronic digital alarm clock on Oct. 9, 1979. General Electric was the producer of the electronic digital alarm clock. The patent... Read More »

Why does my alarm clock go off when the "alarm" button is set to off?

Goodness gracious, it's you ! I had no idea. Now all I have t do is find out who I am. (If that sounds stupid, forgive me. I'm watching Dr. Who at the moment and that's the kind of thing he says al... Read More »

How to Use a DSi As an Alarm Clock?

Do you have a Nintendo DSi? It has a built-in alarm clock. Read ahead if you want to know how to use it as a alarm clock.