How do i use a champagne flute?

Answer The Champagne FluteHold the champagne flute at a slight angle and slowly pour the Champagne down the slope of the glass until its has about an inch in the bottom of the glass. If you are pouring f... Read More »

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What is the flute?

Originating in the 14th century, the term "flute" is derived from the Latin word "flare," meaning "to blow."OriginsAncient flutes were played through a mouth piece, much like a recorder. Theobald B... Read More »

Why was the flute made?

The first flute was made because prehistoric man noticed that when wind or air blew through or across a hollow reed or log, it made a pleasing sound. He found he could duplicate and even vary the s... Read More »

Who discovered the flute?

The oldest flute, which is also the world's oldest discovered musical instrument, was discovered in 2008 by an archaeological team lead by Nicholas Conrad. It was found in a cave in southern German... Read More »

How to Choose a Flute?

Ever wanted to play the flute, but didn't know how to choose the right features or how to determine if it's in good condition? This is the article for you then!