Who invented the flow process?

Answer According to the International Society for Technical Education, what is now known as a "flowchart" was originally called a "flow process chart". This type of diagram was invented by Frank Gilbreth.... Read More »

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What is a flow process chart?

A flow process chart is a diagram that allows you to visually see what the steps are to achieve a particular process. It makes use of both pictures and text to explain the process.Symbols tell what... Read More »

Types of Process Flow?

Process flow describes how things move through systems: messages through the Internet, electricity through your car's wiring, your steps in playing a computer game or how sea water moving through a... Read More »

How to Improve Process Flow?

A process consists of all the steps needed to create a product or deliver a service. Everything is a process--locking your front door, making a hard boiled egg, sewing a dress or manufacturing a Vo... Read More »

Sales Flow Process?

Sales are the foundation of a company's business. Without the sale of a product or service, there is no revenue. Some sales are quick, such as the sale of french fries to a fast food customer. Othe... Read More »